DEFENDERS OF THE CORE! It's a race against time and the forces of evil as our heroes try to get Oslowe, the physical embodiment of the center of the universe, back to his home world before all life as we know it goes spinning off into oblivion! It should be a short trip except Oslowe has no idea where home is and with the Smugglers Guild, the Black Banana Syndicate, the pirates of the Lost Buccaneer and the evil Lord Sinister's agents of the Underworld Axis hot on his trail, it ain't gonna be easy! CLICK HERE to check out the trailer that started it all!
IT ALL BEGINS HERE! While on a seemingly routine mission, hulk junkers, Mean, Big, the Jenian and Robot, find out that things aren't always what they seem! A dead ship, a dead crew and a semiconscious little blue guy lead to the unraveling of a mystery that may change the face of the universe ... FOREVER! CLICK HERE to watch Episode One of Chapter One - "FOR EVERY ACTION ..."