Thanks for stopping by the lab! It's not much to look at right now, but we'll be having new creations stomping through the countryside come October 2008! Until then, stay spooky!
Sidekicks! Every self-respecting hero has one. Why? To draw enemy fire, of course!
A tribute to the late artist who was a regular contributor to Scary Monsters Magazine.
Created as a Web advertisement for an illustration house now defunct.
Do you know anyone who thinks they're the center of the universe? Now meet Oslowe who actually IS!
It's giant monster stompin' fun with that mighty four-year-old, Monster Fighting Kid P.P. Ding!
See the project that landed me a job as a contributing cartoonist for Scary Monsters Magazine!
Combine the Star Wars universe with the basic premise of Highlander and the universe explodes!
This is one of the very first projects I worked on soon after learning the basics of Flash animation and interactivity.
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